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Today, sunglasses are a fashion staple and a source of protection for our eyes. Most people can’t leave the house without their favourite pair! Over the years, sunglasses continue to evolve in different shapes, sizes, colours and expressions. Let’s take a brief look at the journey of sunglasses and how they’ve changed throughout the eras…

A long, long time ago, in ancient times far away...

Sunglasses were used as far back as the time of Inuits, ancient China and Rome. The Inuits used flattened walrus ivory with slits to block the rays of the sun, perfect for the glare from their snowy environment.

In China, sunglasses were made out of lenses with flat panes of smoky quartz. Ancient documents describe the Chinese judges using these glasses to hide their facial expressions… talk about protection and discretion!

Even the Roman emperor Nero found use for sunglasses… Legends say he used them to watch gladiator fights through polished, emerald gems. It seems even in ancient times, people knew sunglasses were trendy!

In the mid-1700s, James Ayscough began experimenting with tinted lenses. He believed that green tinted glass was the best colour to potentially correct vision impairments. This became the start of technology’s impact on sunglasses and how we can use them for protection.

Power in the shades

It wasn’t until the 20th century that sunglasses as we know them became groundbreaking fashion statements and protection for our eyes.

In the 1930s, glare-reducing polarised lenses were invented. The Ray-Ban Aviators were also released to the public for the first time, with their iconic metal frames. Today, consumers still love rocking the military look!

We have celebrities to thank for giving us stylish sunglasses. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe flaunted her iconic cat-eye frames, which still have a huge following today. Annie Hall popularised faded lenses in the ‘70s, giving wearers reasons to wear them indoors, particularly in nightclubs.

Innovation in the lens

Today, companies are coming up with innovative ideas to evolve sunglasses as we know them. Transitions has recently announced their new Style Colours range, following the rejuvenation of tinted lenses. Younger and more style-driven wearers are obsessed with the new colourful and stylish lenses that sunglasses offer.

Not only can modern wearers experience the same emerald green tint from the mid-1700s, Transitions also includes amber, amethyst and sapphire for more stylish options.

And thanks to modern technology, Transitions’ lenses feature exclusive Chromea7 technology, and transitions are extra fast and smooth between outdoor light and clear indoors.

As history has shown, consumers love sunglasses to express their style, and give their eyes UV protection and the comfort of anti-glare. Transition lenses help us transition between outdoor and indoor light smoothly, and now, colours give us that extra edge.

So, the next time you wear your favourite sunglasses, imagine how emperor Nero would have felt behind his emerald gems. Flaunt your style with power and attitude.


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