See better. Look perfect.

We use state-of-the-art technology

Through decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology, our expert optometrist team are able to provide you with a service that is second to none.

It helps us see the bigger picture

We believe our equipment and technology is an extension of our skill and passion. We work side by side with it to see the bigger picture and gain a complete understanding of your eye, and the problems you are experiencing.

We’re not ‘on the clock’

We choose to thoroughly examine the eye and we make use of every resource available to us.

We take the time to get to know you, and to provide a range of pre- and diagnostic testing before making our recommendations. This is what sets us apart.

We deliver peace of mind about your most precious sense, your vision.

We invest in our equipment because we want you to see. Optometry is life-transforming.

Some of our equipment - and why we use it


We use this machine to evaluate the health of the retina and aid diagnosis for retinal disease, glaucoma and the cornea.

The OCT takes tiny microscopic pictures of your retina and corneal tissue, so Ian Donald and his team can see the changes over a series of visits.

There are several reasons the team may decide to perform this test.

• An abnormality might be detected during a routine exam.
• You may be at increased risk of developing retinal disease or glaucoma.
• You may have higher than normal intraocular pressure, or have visual field loss.
• Your vision may be decreased due to macular problems.

We also use this test to see if you are suitable for laser refractive surgery.


A tonometry test measures the pressure inside your eye, and how resistant your cornea is to that pressure. We use it to check for glaucoma, an eye disease which can cause blindness.

It’s a quick and painless process. You place your chin in a rest while looking straight ahead, and you will feel a very small pulse of air. There is no discomfort involved. You will feel a coolness or mild pressure on your eye.

We use this test as part of your regular eye examination, or if you suffer from glaucoma, to check how effective your treatment is.

Corneal mapping

Corneal mapping is used to take HD pictures of your cornea, which allows us to precisely fit your contact lenses, as well as monitor any changes to the shape of your cornea.

Digital retinal photography

High quality digital photographs of your retina enable us to detect any changes that could affect the long-term health of your eyes.

Learn more about the conditions which may affect the health of the eye.

Are you ready to take the first step towards great eye health?

We provide life-changing vision through innovative technology, knowledge and expertise.

Our skilled team of optometrists and and dispensers are here for all your vision needs.


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