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Introducing MyDay multifocal lenses for presbyopia

Ian Donald Optometrist is pleased to advise that we are now offering MyDay multifocal lenses, an advanced disposable contact lens that is suitable for all stages of presbyopia, the gradual and common vision loss associated with ageing.

MyDay multifocal is designed to provide all the benefits of a regular multifocal in a daily contact lens, including clear vision and superior comfort.

Research published by CooperVision indicates only 3-5% of 50 to 64-year-olds currently wear contact lenses, but 67% would prefer to.

The MyDay lenses may be particularly appealing to our adult and senior customers who have previously had difficulty wearing contact lenses, or who are interested in multifocal content lenses for either practical or aesthetic reasons.

About MyDay multifocal

Developed by CooperVision, MyDay multifocal aims to deliver premium performance in a convenient, disposable lens.

It’s made from a very soft silicone hydrogel contact lens material that is comfortable when worn for long periods, is easy to insert and provides UV protection for the eye. According to the manufacturers, it also keeps your eyes looking clear and white throughout the day.

Additional MyDay features include:

  • Good vision at all distances
  • Excellent comfort
  • High oxygen transmissibility
  • High success rates regardless of age
  • A logical, straightforward fitting process
  • Wide power range
  • UV blocking (optometrists still recommend wearing UV protective sunglasses or goggles to protect the complete eye area).

Advanced vision technology

At Ian Donald Optometrist, we invest in technology to help us provide the highest quality clinical services, and we value technological advances in eyewear that may help our customers achieve better vision outcomes.

MyDay multifocal lenses include several features of interest. In addition to the UV blocking material, they contain CooperVision’s Aquaform Technology, which helps keep the lenses moist and your eyes lubricated as you wear them.

Of particular interest to many is the MyDay Binocular Progressive System, designed to provide clear vision at all distances for all stages of presbyopia. This works by using a three-stage lens system, with progressively larger zones on the lens surface for both near and distance vision correction.

It means we can easily adjust your prescription as your presbyopia changes.

Excellence in eye health

Ian Donald Optometrist has been looking after the Manly community for decades and we provide considered and tailored optometry services for children, adults and seniors.

As with all of our services, our team recommends an optometry test first to check your current eye health and suitability for MyDay or any other contact lenses or glasses lenses.

The convenience of daily contact lenses is certainly a drawcard for many of our customers. If you’re interested in MyDay multifocal lenses, please contact us for your next appointment.

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