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Contact lenses

Contact lens technology has come a long way. They are now more comfortable and versatile than ever before.

So if you’ve previously tried contacts without success, or thought your eye condition meant contacts weren’t suitable for you, it might be time to think again.

Even if you prefer to wear glasses for the majority of the time, contacts are extremely handy to have as an alternative because they have many advantages over glasses.

  • contacts sit directly on your eye, so your vision is unobstructed.
  • you can participate in sports and outdoor activities without fear of glasses getting in the way, falling off or breaking.
  • contact lenses are less affected by wet weather, and don’t steam up.
  • want to really change your look?  You can even change the colour of your eyes with colour contact lenses.

You will be treated by one of the best in contact lens research

Ian Donald Optometrist is lucky enough to have one of the leading optometrists in contact lens research on our team. Michael Kotow worked in the contact lens industry for 21 years before joining Ian Donald Optometrist.

More than 20 new products hit the market every year. We take the time to review each product, to ensure our recommendations provide the very best in quality eye wear. Your eye health depends on it.

So you could say we know what we are doing.

We will help you choose the right lens

Choosing the right contact lenses is a decision you should make with your trusted and experienced optometrist.

The right choice for you depends on many factors, including your refractive error, how much contact lens wear your eyes can tolerate, your expectations and how willing you are to properly care for your lenses.

We have the experience to help you choose the right pair for your prescription, your lifestyle and your needs. Some of the considerations we take into accounting when prescribing contact lenses include:

• how often will you wear contacts?
• are you planning to wear contact lenses everyday, or just on weekends or for special occasions?
• do you have any hobbies or sporting activities that need to be considered?

Which lens is right for you?

Disposable Soft Lenses

Soft silicon hydrogel lenses are the most common contact lenses worn because they are flexible, immediately comfortable on insertion.

Astigmatic (toric lenses)

If you have astigmatism there is an excellent range of contact lenses options to correct your astimatism. This can be either with a soft lens (the most common option) or with a rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens.

Toric lenses have two powers in them, created with curvatures at different angles (one for astigmatism, the other for either myopia or hyperopia).

To provide crisp vision, toric contact lenses are designed to maintain their orientation regardless of blinking or eye movement.

Rigid lenses

Rigid lenses are able to replace the natural shape of your cornea with a new refracting surface, providing you with a good level of vision if you have astigmatism or a distorted corneal shape, as with keratoconus.

Multifocal lenses

Combining distance and near vision, multifocal lenses allow you to see at any distance and they have the advantage over glasses of your sight not being dependent on your head position. Our range includes MyDay multifocal lenses which are suitable for all stages of presbyopia.

Monovision lenses

One of your eyes wears a distance prescription, while the other wears a prescription for near vision. Your brain learns to favour one eye or the other for different tasks.

We also fit and supply Ortho-K contact lenses.

Lenses to match your lifestyle

Most contact lenses are available as single-use daily disposable lenses, or fortnightly or monthly disposable contacts.

Single-use lenses are very popular because they take away the hassle of caring for and cleaning your lenses, and remove the risk of infection. They are ideal if you’re participating in a sporting activity such as swimming or surfing, where losing a lens is likely.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are lenses which are replaced every 30 days,  making them particularly suitable if you have a young child who needs to wear contacts and finds removing or inserting them stressful. They’re also handy if you have difficulty yourself with inserting or removing your contacts.


To avoid serious contact lens-related problems, including fungal eye infections and corneal ulcers, it is essential that you use the contact lens solutions your optometrist recommends.

Though disposable contacts have reduced the risk of some eye infections, daily lens care is still essential to keep your eyes healthy when wearing contact lenses.

If you prefer to avoid the task of cleaning and disinfecting your lenses each day, consider daily disposable lenses. With these ‘one-day’ soft lenses, you simply discard the lenses after a single use and put on a new pair the next day.

The innovative ACUVUE OASYS Hydraluxe Lens is here

New to Australia, Ian Donald Optometrist is excited to bring you the ACUVUE OASYS Lens with Hydraluxe technology.

This new 1 day use lens from the world’s number 1 selling contact lens brand is designed for patients with astigmatism.

Air-conditioning, humidity and staring at digital devices all day can leave your eyes feeling tired. The latest Hydraluxe technology used in the ACUVUE lens has ‘tear-like’ properties that keep your eyes feeling comfortable on your most demanding days, and provides UV protection, great performance and handling.

Ask our team about a trial and see if these lenses are right for you.

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