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When you trust your contact lens needs to Ian Donald Optometrist, you know you’re getting world-class care. We have one of the leading optometrists in contact lens research, Michael Kotow, on our team. Contact lens technology is extremely advanced and is now more comfortable and versatile than ever.

Most contact lenses come in single-use daily or fortnightly/monthly disposables. Single-use lenses are hassle-free and reduce infection risk, making them perfect for sports, while longer replacement cycles suit those with children or those who have difficulty handling lenses. Even if you’ve had difficulties with them in the past, we encourage you to give contact lenses another try, as they offer numerous advantages over glasses. Visit our friendly, experienced team to discuss your options.

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Different kinds of lenses

Disposable soft lenses made of soft silicon hydrogel are the most popular and offer immediate comfort and flexibility.

Toric lenses correct astigmatism with two powers and maintain orientation for crisp vision.

Rigid lenses replace natural corneal shape for improved vision, particularly for astigmatism and keratoconus.

Multifocal lenses provide clear vision at various distances without relying on head position.

Monovision lenses use different prescriptions for distance and near vision, allowing the brain to adapt.

MiSight 1 Day Contact Lens

MiSight 1 Day is the world’s first daily disposable soft lens specifically developed for myopia control. This revolutionary lens technology explicitly aims to slow myopia progression in children and teenagers. A unique dual-focus lens, MiSight changes the peripheral optics at the front of the eye to modulate the growth of the eyeball.

Children can easily maintain their daily activities, such as school work, reading, outdoor play and computer use with MiSight. As disposable lenses, there’s no cleaning, disinfection or worries about lost lenses. The low dehydration rates ensure sufficient oxygen transmission for daily wear, promoting excellent comfort and eye health.

ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions Lenses

We have the new ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology, a revolutionary contact lens that filters and reduces exposure to bright light indoors and outdoors. These lenses darken in response to UV and HEV light while maintaining a natural appearance.

Acknowledged as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2018, ACUVUE OASYS pushes the boundaries of innovation, prioritising eye health and comfort, unparalleled convenience and performance in everyday activities such as work, driving and screen usage.

Contact lens tips from our experts

Always use recommended contact lens solutions to prevent serious eye issues like fungal infections and corneal ulcers.

Daily lens care is essential for healthy eyes.

For hassle-free use, consider daily disposable lenses.

Leading Eyewear Fashion Brands


Specialising in fashion and function, Prada eyewear features high-quality materials and meticulous design.

Anne et Valentin  

Born from the dream of two opticians, Anne & Valentin craft unique frames in Toulouse, France.

Sabine Be  

Sabine Be eyewear by French artisan Sabine Bégault-Vagner reflects her fervent passion for creation.

Tom Ford  

The Tom Ford Eyewear collection epitomises sophistication, innovation and style, encapsulating the essence of the entire brand.

Face a Face  

At Face a Face Paris, designers embark on a cultural and artistic journey, crafting stunning seasonal collections.


Moscot has a proud history spanning five generations and 109 years of eyewear excellence.

Garrett Leight  

Garrett Leight California Optical, established in 2010 by a team of eyewear enthusiasts, creates timeless designs blending craftsmanship and aesthetics.


The foundation of good design is quality at Orgreen Optics. Established by three friends in Copenhagen, Denmark, Orgreen is now an international eyewear brand.


Mykita designer eyewear adopted its name from the former children’s day care, Kita, where they established manufacturing operations.


Conceived internationally, designed in Sydney, Australia, Vaanyard Applied Vision creates premium, handcrafted eyewear inspired by urban design and culture.

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Leading optometrists offering precision eye care with cutting-edge technology and equipment. Specialist eyewear dispensers who ensure you find the perfect set of frames for your features.

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