See better. Look perfect.

Is your child’s eyesight the very best it can be?

Do you suspect your child’s eyesight may be affecting their ability to learn effectively at school?

Perhaps your child:

– complains of eyestrain and/or headaches?
– experiences double vision and/or blurry vision when reading?
– covers or closes one eye when reading?
– has a short attention span and difficulty concentrating when reading?

Other indicators your child may be suffering from a vision impairment may include: words moving on the page, skipping words/lines when reading, constant rubbing of their eyes, as well as loss of place on page when copying from the board.

Younger children may not even realise they have a vision impairment or have the language to communicate a problem with you, which is why we recommend that you book a consultation for your child by the time they are three.

The sooner your child’s vision problems are detected, the better the outcome

Being able to see clearly is a vital part of your child’s development.

When vision problems are not picked up, your child can quickly fall behind their peers, or even develop behavioural problems in an effort to try to hide the fact that they cannot see properly. And it can be very hard for them to catch up once they fall behind, or to change ingrained behaviour patterns.

Your child’s vision will also constantly change as they grow. Regular checks can be the difference in their lives.

Ensure your child’s vision is the very best it can be by getting their eyes examined regularly. Many vision problems and eye diseases can be detected and treated more effectively if they are picked up earlier.

What exactly happens when my child has an eye consultation?

We understand having an eye examination can seem daunting to a young child, particularly the first time.

That’s why we recommend you stay with your child throughout the entire process.

Our decades of experience in testing children’s vision means we know how to ensure your child’s experience is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Your child doesn’t even need to know the alphabet or how to read, and testing can feel like playing a game, involving bright lights, coloured lenses and charts.


Your child’s consultation will include the following 7 steps.

1. History and Symptoms

We find out why you’re having your child’s eyes examined, whether it’s a routine check-up or if you have any specific concerns. We also need to know about your child’s general health and behaviour, as well as any medications they might be taking.

2. Pre-Testing

This is where we use our state-of-the-art equipment to pick up any potential problems with your child’s eye health. Our comprehensive eye tests for children are not invasive or painful. For most children, they feel like a game.

3. Diagnostic Testing

Our optometrists are specially trained to test children’s eyes. If they cannot yet read, we use specially designed charts that allow your child to recognise shapes or pictures. We know that the test room can feel a little intimidating to a young child, so we use techniques to make it feel as welcoming as possible.

4. Diagnosis and Recommendations

Now that we have a full understanding of the health of your child’s eyes, including any changes to their vision and any specific requirements they might have, we can recommend the best form of vision correction to suit their eyes, their age and their lifestyle.

5. Handover to Dispensers

If your child is prescribed frames or lenses, our experienced dispensers will assist you with finding the perfect pair to ensure they can both see the whiteboard and look cool in the playground. We stock a huge range of children’s frames and contact lenses, including baby frames, swimming goggles and sports glasses.

6. The Perfect Fit

We’ll contact you as soon as your child’s glasses are ready or their contacts are in store. Our expert dispensers will ensure their glasses fit perfectly and are totally comfortable, or that they’re fully confident with inserting, removing and cleaning their contact lenses.

7. Follow-up

There’s no need to worry about remembering to get your child’s eye health checked. We’ll send you a reminder before the next appointment. However, if you have any concerns, questions or problems with your child’s vision, just pop in to see us or give us a call.

Are you ready to give your child their best chance of success?

80% of what a child learns is processed through their eyes.
Ian Donald and his skilled team of Optometrists and Dispensers are here for all your child’s vision needs.


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